28 Day Blog Challenge

Blog Challenge

I just joined a challenge last night! A blog challenge to be exact, and I am SO excited about taking part in it. It is called the 28 Day Blog Challenge and hosted by Katy Widrick. For the next 28 days (or 27 now) I will be dedicated to improving my blog.


The main concept of the challenge is this:

“For 28 days, we’re going to spend time reworking, refreshing and rethinking our blogs, social media spaces, community and more.”

This is just what I needed for the new year. Pretty much every week, I always tell myself… I need to do more with my blog! More organization, more posts, more reaching out in the blog community. Katy gives tons of recommendations on how to improve your blog each day for 28 days. They range from small improvements (like updating your twitter cover picture) or large overhauls (like re-designing your blog website).

I will be documenting all of my improvements via twitter with the hashtag: #28DBC. And of course, updating my progress on my blog!! I have a lot of ideas, mainly dealing if improving the overall look to my blog and getting to know others in the blog community. I’m so excited for this month!

Groundhog Day


Ok, so I had NO IDEA it was groundhog’s day today! And with no shadow to been seen, an early spring is on it’s way!! So excited, because I am totally over cold weather. I couldn’t even imagine how it would be to live in a super cold climate like in Chicago or Minnesota. No negative temperatures for me!

Superbowl Recipe Roundup

And the Superbowl is tomorrow!!! Are you ready for game?? I was just saying yesterday, how much I love the Superbowl! But not because of the game. No, I usually am not a big sports fan and don’t really have any preference on team in football in general. But the Superbowl is just one of my favorite days, mainly for the atmosphere. I absolutely love to make appetizers and enjoy the excitement of the day, since most everyone else gets really into the game.

Are you headed to a Superbowl party tomorrow and have no idea what to bring yet? Well, you are in luck because here is my list of great Superbowl appetizers to enjoy with many!


Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip Bites 

Guacamole by Eat Live Run


Homemade Hummus

Cookie Dough Dip by Chocolate Covered Katie


Buffalo Chicken Strips

Garlic Knots by Just a Taste


Grilled Chicken Wings

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