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Last week was a very busy week for me! I got a short break off from school and I got to enjoy being home for:

Mommy’s 60th Birthday!!

This was obviously, a big birthday year and I planned a big party for her and her friends this past weekend. But before that, her actual birthday was on August 16th, so we enjoyed a nice birthday dinner at 610 Magnolia.

Birthday celebration at Mommy’s work that morning!

Now, my mom said I could pick the restaurant for her birthday, since we were semi-celebrating both her’s and mine that night (we both have August birthdays)! And I knew that 610 Magnolia would be perfect for the occasion! If you don’t know 610 Magnolia, then you should!! It is a quaint little restaurant close to downtown in Louisville, KY. And if you ever watch Bravo/ Top Chef, this restaurant should sound familiar. 610 Magnolia is Chef Edward Lee’s restaurant! (I was so excited to meet the Chef!)

Chef Lee was just recently on Top Chef Texas, and made it all the way to the top four. Needless to say, after watching many episodes and seeing his cooking style, I knew I HAD to try out his restaurant the next time I was home! And it was the perfect place for a birthday celebration!

Let me explain our food with pictures….

Our meal began with a cute bread basket (I wanted to keep the basket) with herb butter and a lemon drop martini for me!

Next: the amuse bouche! Both my mother and I were served this. From left to right:

Lamb Sausage with a Moroccan Beet

Crab Cake with Tomato Jam and Aioli

“BLT” with gouda, minced ham, bacon, tomatoes and foie gras pate

All were delicious, but the BLT was my favorite! SO. MUCH. FLAVOR.

My first course was Hamachi Crudo (the fish) with Red Beets, Watercress, and Shaved Fennel dotted with Smoked Chili Mayo and served atop Yuzu-Bail Vinaigrette. So light and well balanced. The fish was sliced perfectly and essentially raw (marinated in citrus), which made it that more delicious. No need to alter the ingredient if it already is amazing to begin with!

Mom’s first course was Smoked Octopus with Eel Hummus, Black Garlic Puree, and Black Olives garnished with Piquillo Coulis and Preserved Lemon. My mom enjoyed this dish, but the octopus was a little chewy for my taste. But the eel hummus = amazing. I could eat that stuff all day!

For the second course, my mom ordered the Seared Foie Gras with Plum Pudding, Grilled Pineapple and garnished with Whipped Sorghum and topped with Brioche Breadcrumbs. YUM. Never have I ever had foie gras that just melted in your mouth like that.

(I skipped the second course and opted for dessert later on!)

My mom order the scallops for her main course. They were perfectly Seared Scallops served with Zucchini Bread, Fennel, Lobster Mushrooms, and Okra garnished with Carrot Orange Puree and a Bourbon Brown Butter. But I couldn’t get enough of the Zucchini Bread! It was more savory than your typical breakfast bread, but oh so delicious. I was advised it had a lot of butter, but it might be my goal in life to re-create it!

For my main course, I ordered the 4 Hill Farm Lamb Chops served with an amazing Shredded Lamb Leg Couscous and Honey-Miso Eggplant garnished with Dried Apricot Pistachios, and Lamb Jus. For me, this was the perfect birthday celebration dinner! There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like about this dish! I would order this again in a heart beat!

Dessert Time! This amazing creation was an adaptation of a S’more. It was a Chocolate Mousse Disc with Toasted Marshmallows garnished with Chocolate Fluid Gel, Graham Cracker, and Powdered Campfire Smoke. A perfect ending. The white powdered campfire smoke was amazing! Gave a nice subtle smokiness.

And once we had met the Chef and he found out it was my Mom’s 60th Birthday, he was nice enough to send us out an off-menu creation! I forgot a lot of the specifics, but it was a Chocolate Panna Cotta with Chocolate Brioche Breadcrumbs. But nonetheless a delicious penultimate ending.

Apparently, they don’t let you leave without having some Dark Chocolate Truffles. So creamy and smooth.

Well… I don’t have much else to say! I think the food should speak for itself! But note, if you are planning on taking a visit to this restaurant, (and you should!!) plan ahead! They are only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for dinner and fill up quickly! But it is seriously worth it! Everything was cooked to perfection and presented in an appropriate portion! I can’t wait until I can visit again!

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