An Old Fashioned Country Find

A later than anticipated blog post for today, but a new post none-the-less. While Marshall spends the day at work, I’ve had to figure out how to amuse myself. So, I decided to spend the morning at the new Whole Foods in Charlotte to get some blogging and a little paper writing done for school. But Whole Foods had a non-functioning connection until the afternoon, so I was *forced* to write my paper (#internetfail). I seem to focus better when I have some distractions, so writing my paper was a slow process this morning.

Anyway, I wanted to re-cap my weekend! On Saturday, I alluded to finding some Fried Pies. Well, we ended up going to this super cute old-fashioned country store that I fell in love with! Just look at the outside!

Tons of Christmas Trees for sale surrounded the little house turned country store. In the store, there were tons of homemade goodies including jams and jellies, candy, and the in-famous fried pies we went there for.

LOVE the holiday decorations! And these “wreath balls” were so beautiful! Wish I could have taken one home with me! But the interior of the store was filled wall-to-wall with homemade goodies.

I’m pretty sure 90% of everything in that store was hand-made locally. Do you see that massive wall of jars in the back? That was COMPLETELY FULL of every jam, jelly, and preserve you could ever imagine! I got a HUGE jar of seedless raspberry jam. Do you know how hard it is to find seedless raspberry jam?!?!? Trust me, it’s difficult. I was SO excited about that find! But the main event of the day were the fried pies:

All 100% homemade and over 10 different varieties to choose from. I picked out the sweet potato fried pie while Marshall opted for the peach fried pie. The peach was delicious, but we still have yet to try sweet potato. I anticipate it to be equally delectable. And if you were wondering… yes they are made with partially hydrogenated shortening. But that’s how they’ve been made for years and years and I don’t feel like messing with tradition. And once a year is ok… it’s the holidays!

But I was obsessed with taking pictures of this little store. So old-fashioned and cute with buckets of penny candy at the front!

But after our country store adventure, I had to get back home to get ready for the main event of the night: Marshall’s Office Holiday Party! It was so fun to get dressed up and meet all of Marshall’s new co-workers. Accountant’s know how to have a good time! Here’s a picture before the event!

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