Hello August!

To say July has been a crazy month is a understatement.

I finished my masters paper…

gave my big presentation…

and moved across the country…

states Marshall and drove from Texas to North Carolina in two days. SO LONG! and so glad to never have to make that drive again!

Now I’m here and the job search and RD exam studying begins! August is a promising new start!

I’ve got a lot of great kitchen projects up my sleeve that I’ll be posting over the next few days, but in more recent news…

Marshall and I got to Charlotte with one day left in restaurant week! So we went to the Charlotte restaurant that I’ve been dying to try to ages:

5 Church

You seriously can’t beat 3 courses for $30 at 5 Church. Amazing!!

Here are the highlights:


bibb salad Bibb Lettuce Salad

This was a great beginning to the meal. The lettuce was nicely dressed and topped with homemade croutons and crispy country ham. I found the ham a bit too salty for my taste, but if you are a ham lover, I’m sure you’ll love this salad.

tomato soup Tomato Soup

Marshall got this soup for a starter. This soup was different because it was made using an olive oil base rather than a creamy milk based soup. Now, I’m not at all a fan of soup. But I have to say it was pretty darn tasty (That’s a bold statement coming from me!).


hanger steak Hanger Steak

This steak was paired with horseradish mashed potatoes, a medley of sauteed vegetables, and drenched in a red wine sauce. Perfection on a plate! Every flavor complemented one another and I’m so glad I had leftovers to bring home with me. Just as good the next day!

wasabi salmon Wasabi Glazed Salmon

Marshall got the wasabi glazed salmon with sauteed bok choy and a miso emulsion sauce. If I was in the mood for salmon, I would make a bee line for this dish. The wasabi gave the salmon a nice unexpected flavor and the light, creamy sauce was a great complement to the dish.


smores S’mores Trifle

Oh dessert. My favorite part of the meal! While it is technically a s’mores dessert, the graham cracker was substituted for a brownie, which was swimming in a pool of chocolate. The chocolate sauce and marshmallow topping were out of this world, but the brownie left something to be desired. It was dry and hard. However, I loved the concept of this and I plan to re-create this beauty at home sometime soon!

banana pudding Banana Pudding

This banana pudding was a creative take on a classic. The pudding was light with a rich banana flavor and had a crispy graham cracker crumbs scattered around, and the bruleed bananas were a perfect touch!

5 Church has easily become one of my new favorite restaurants and I can’t wait to try the other dishes 5 Church has to offer.