Last Days in Dallas

I cannot believe that I have been home for a week already! After I moved across the country, I went back to Dallas for a few days to complete some of my unfinished business….

I graduated!!

mommy After two years of studying, completing 1200+ hours of internships, and making some amazing friends, I have finally graduated with a Masters of Clinical Nutrition! (Kimberly S., MCN!) I honestly cannot believe my time in Dallas has ended and the real world begins.

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Life Update – Summer Edition

Hi Blog Friends!

What a week! The past week has been a crazy, busy, exciting time in my life right now! Here’s a little look into what I’ve been up to:

I gave my final presentation of my grad school career!

DSC_5402 I gave my presentation, set up my poster, and listened to my classmates presentations. All 16 of us are officially DONE and now we just have to wait until August for graduation. It is crazy to think my two years at UT Southwestern in Dallas are over! In just a few short weeks, I will have achieved my Masters in Clinical Nutrition!

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