Champagne Holiday Tea

Well it’s New Years Eve!!! Do you have a fun party to attend tonight? If not, I can help you plan your own party for the night! While I do have some fun New Years plans in Chapel Hill, NC tonight, I just recently threw a tea party for my home-town friends in Kentucky!

A few of my friends (Claire and Caroline) and I got together the day after Christmas to throw our Annual Tea Party for our high school friends! We all went to a small school, so we all got to know each other pretty well… which means there were lots of people to try to see and not a lot of time! But what better way to get everyone together than with a fun tea party!


This year, we “classed” it up a bit by having a Champagne Tea. Finger sandwiches and mimosas made for a wonderful afternoon! The best part about having an afternoon Tea Party is that you don’t need to have gobs and gobs of food! Just a few finger foods and cookies and you are good to go!

The party was at my house this year, so Claire and Caroline came over early to prepare everything. First things first…. be had to make some Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies.


Caroline Rolling out the Dough!

And if you were curious from my previous post why my Christmas Sugar Cookies were in the shape of tea pots, it was because of this tea party! You must have tea pot cookies to go with your tea party…. duh!


Claire was really good and cutting cookies out of the dough! A natural pro!

But onto the food! We of course had cute little finger sandwiches as the first course. The line up included:

  1. Turkey on whole wheat with a thin layer of mayonnaise
  2. Open Faced Chicken Salad on Butter Buns
  3. Benedictine on thin cut white bread


What is Benedictine you may ask? Well, as I have lived in various parts of the country over the last 5 years, I have concluded Benedictine is a true Kentucky staple! It is basically a cucumber and cream cheese spread. Sometimes it is bright green, due to the addition of food coloring. Our guests went CRAZY over the Benedictine sandwiches. I am not in the least fond of cucumber, so I passsed. But if you are a cucumber lover, I’m sure you will love Benedictine. Take a stop over in Louisville to try it!


To make your life super easy for this tea party, just use store bought chicken salad! But try to find some high-end chicken salad. We got ours at a local cafe called, The Cheddar Box! Tastes homemade delicious, but without the work! Of course, if you would prefer to make your own, I have concocted a healthy version!

And like any good tea party, the sandwiches will be crust free!


No worries, they didn’t go to waste! The crusts make for good munching snacks throughout the preparation process. And the second course was the scones! Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the scones (bad blogger!). But, the key to good scones is to make them homemade! Then you just put them in the oven right before you sit down to eat and they will be hot and ready to serve in the nick of time. Fresh from the oven scones really make a BIG difference!

And the final course consisted of our sugar cookies plus Caroline’s Family’s Famous Spice Cake! You cut them in a shallow sheet pan and cut them into bite sized squares! The perfect ending to your lovely tea party!


Don’t forget about the plates and table setting! Having a polished look with pretty plates to set all the food on makes a big difference to the overall presentation. They don’t have to be fancy, but you just want it to have clean lines and a cohesive look. No mis-matched plates and silverware please! This is how out table looked:


Simple and uncluttered. And yes, we had to make the table diagonal just so we could fit everyone! So many people were able to make it, it was very exciting! A wonderful tea, and a great way to reconnect with old friends!


The hosts for the evening! Caroline, Claire, and Myself (Kimberly)!

 Hope everyone has a fun and safe night tonight! Happy New Year!!!


Bye Bye 2012!





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