Dinner Date Night at Stampede 66

Hi blog friends! Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! This week is my “research week,” which basically means use my time wisely and work on my big research paper that in necessary for us to graduation from our program.

*To update new readers to my blog, I am in the second and final year of my Masters of Clinical Nutrition at UT Southwestern. Our research paper is due in July complete with a poster session and presentation. Then I graduate in August!*

The up-side to our research week is that we get to work on our own time and schedule, so that leaves some extra time to do fun things at night. And last night I did just that with Staci!


Tuesday nights are slowly becoming a date night tradition for us and we celebrated the night by dining at another one of Stephen Pyles’ restaurants, Stampede 66Stampede 66 is a Texan inspired restaurant and the dining space was very rustic, yet upscale and comfortable.


Staci and I started out our night with their Signature Prickly Pear Margarita. It was made table-side and it was quite a show. They basically made a prickly pear sorbet using liquid nitrogen and then doused it in tequila. Here’s a view of what our table looked like during the preparation:

The smoke started slowly…


…and soon our table became covered in liquid nitrogen smoke


The finished product:

DSC_0133 Such a beautiful presentation.

It was garnished with a lime foam and a candied jalapeno to finish it off. Super delicious and had the right mix of sweet and tart.

Next up on our feast was a pork barbacoa tamale and their 100% homemade Texas “Freeto” Chili Pie.


The tamale was one of the better tamales I’ve ever had. The masa was nice and moist rather than dry and crumbly like they can sometimes be. While good, Staci and I both agreed it wasn’t the most unique item. But the Freeto Pie was a different story all together.


Literally every thing on this plate was homemade from the scratch made “Freeto” chips to the pickle relish on top. The cheese foam covering the all beef chili was to die for! Overall, this was one of the best things we ate all night!

 Our next course we chose was a Cobb Salad. Like the good nutrition students we are, vegetables had to appear some where during dinner. The presentation for this was super cute and perfect for sharing.



Although the mini salads were contained within a cute little lettuce cup, we both agreed it wasn’t the best salad of the night. The dish was very salty with the combination of bacon, eggs, and dressing. The beets helped to cut down on the saltiness a tad, but in general… I don’t know if I would get it again.

But this dish did not ruin the night one bit! The best was next to come with our main course.

Honey Fried Chicken with Buttermilk Biscuits and Mashed Potato Tots


There was so. much. chicken. Staci and split and breast meat and still had the whole drumstick leftover. The dish came with a side of their homemade pickles and okra and a brown gravy. The chicken was flavored with just enough honey to get that delicious sweet flavor without it being overpowering. And the biscuits! Oh so fluffy and made the perfect bite with the chicken.

By this point, we were both super stuffed! So much delicious food, we really couldn’t handle the thought of dessert. But our waiter was NOT going to let us leave without trying one of his favorites, so dessert on-the-house came as the final dish in our marathon meal.


Butterscotch Pudding with a Salted Caramel base and a Snickerdoodle cookie on the side

I’m not the biggest butterscotch fan in the world, but the pudding was actually very good! The cookie was super tender and I could have eaten a whole plate just of those! While this was not a dessert I would have actually ever selected on my own (next time I want to try the Banana Capirotada), it was a great end to the meal.

Let the food coma commence.

I’d definitely go back to Stampeded 66. With Stephen Pyles himself greeting us and multiple managers checking to make sure we were enjoying our meal, it made the night feel special. Even if it was just a Tuesday.






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