Exploring Louisville

Before I get to the party I planned for my Mom’s 60th Birthday, I thought about letting you get to know Louisville a little better!

When I was home, one of my roommates from college, Allison, came to visit me for the day!! Her family lives in Cincinnati (only 2 hours away) and was also on a little break from school! So naturally, when she came to visit, we HAD to do a little sight seeing.

 First stop: The Kentucky Derby Museum!

Allison at The Museum

I hadn’t been to the museum in a while and it was really nice! They renovated it recently and expanded their exhibits! They had a nice video for us to watch that incorporated footage from this past year’s Derby race (I’ll Have Another won)! And we got a little tour of the grounds as well!

Allison with the Twin Spires

Had to get a picture with the Twin Spires! Such an ionic sight for the Derby!

And we had a little time to spare before dinner, so we checked out downtown Louisville and had a little fun at 21 C Museum Hotel. It’s mainly a hotel, but they also have a trendy restaurant inside (Proof on Main), and a mini art gallery that is free and open to the public. The art gallery is very interesting and displays a lot of modern art. There are also some interactive fun things to do!

This was an “exhibit” in the museum next to the elevators. Those letters spell out a sentence, but it can be hard to read! But 21 C is a great place to take visiting guests, and I highly recommend Proof on Main. They call Proof a “little bit of New York City in Louisville”… or so I’ve heard. The food is delicious, but has some interesting ingredient combinations. Example: Rye Pasta Carbonara with pea tendrils (no idea what those are). But, if you are in the area, I recommend a visit!

After we played around, it was time for dinner. On the agenda was a girls’ night with some old and new friends!

Allison, Rachel, Lauren, Julie, Kimberly

Dinner was delicious and the conversation was fun. We went to a Shiraz, a casual Mediterranean restaurant. I got the Fattoush Salad for my meal. I was in need of some vegetables.

But for these girls, no meal is complete without dessert! So we took a stop over to a local ice cream shop, The Comfy Cow!

My ice cream choice? Cake batter ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Takes like Funfetti in a cup! We stayed there until they closed the place down! Such a fun night with good friends, food, and fun. They had some very unique and eclectic decorations going on in the house-that-was-renovated-and-made-an-ice-cream-shop.

They had some picture frames on the ceiling….

And some feet in the fireplace….a little creepy!

All in all, a great day!

Come back and visit soon!!

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