Florida Islands

Does anyone notice something new?!?!?

Well you should! My blog looks COMPLETELY different! I have been working for multiple weeks trying to find the best looking theme for my blog. After experimenting with many different themes and doing some trouble shooting, I decided on this one. The “Forever” theme by WordPress. I absolutely LOVE it! Clean and simple, which makes the pictures stand out. Success for the 28 Day Blog Challenge!


And I have a little bit more to share about my Fort Lauderdale trip! Our neighbors, Leanne and Tom, have a boat docked on Sanibel Island and we had a fun day exploring the Florida islands. We went to a beautiful little island called, Useppa, that is only accessible via boat.


No cars. Only golf carts. The island was beautiful, and it would be perfect for a week long vacation. We had a delicious lunch outside overlooking the water and spent the afternoon exploring the tiny island.

My mom and I split an order of fish tacos with sweet potato fries. The fish was perfectly grilled and the fries were to die for!


When in Florida, get the conch fritters! We shared these around the table and they did not disappoint. And whatever was in the dipping sauce was amazing on both on conch fritters and the sweet potato fries.


It was amazing what the restaurant could prepare. When you the nearest grocery store in about an hour away by boat, you really need to plan your meals in advance. The island was so beautiful and I literally took over 100 pictures. I’ll just give you a sampling of the good ones.


I thought this dog was so cute! Overlooking the croquet court.


There were so many beautiful flowers scattered all over the island.


Perfectly blue, tranquil waters


The PERFECT golf cart. These people knew how to travel in style! A dietitian-to-be’s dream!


All of the houses on the island looked like this, except smaller. Super cute and the insides kept the old, rustic feel, but were modernized.


I loved these sailboats. I wanted to take them home with me!

Question of the Day

  • Have you ever traveled to a place that you can only get to by boat? What was it like there?

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