Foodie Finds: Fort Lauderdale


Ok, so I’m basically done telling you all about my trip to Florida, but I just have to use one (or two) more posts to talk about the food!!! My mom and I had some great meals and I just want to highlight them. Each picture will have a description of the dish and then my thoughts on them.

First up is Canyon, a southwestern fusion restaurant. This restaurant does not take reservations, but we were told the food is outstanding and worth waiting for. We got drinks at the bar and waited for about 40 minutes for a table at 7:30 pm on a Friday night. Not too bad!


 Tuna Tartare

This dish had gorgeous fresh raw tuna that was tossed in a thai chili sauce and served with crispy yucca chips and a side of wasabi cream. A wonderfully delicious dish. It was an appetizer on the menu, but really you could make an entire meal out of trying all different appetizer dishes. 18 different small plates to try!


Warm Bread

Ok, so I normally don’t take pictures of the free bread they give you on the table, but it was absolutely amazing! Freshly baked and fresh out of the oven and on to our table. We got more to-go.


Chicken Tostada

These were cute little “pizzas” topped with roasted chicken (white + dark meat), goat cheesecaramelized onion arugula, and a drizzle of avocado-white truffle crema on top. Another dish I would recommend from the appetizer list. The tostada crust was very crispy, but there was a lot of goat cheese. I love goat cheese, but it over-powerd the other flavors.Overall, I still liked it, but you need to love goat cheese.


Red Chili Braised Pork Risotto

Finally, my mom and I split one of the entrees. This risotto was packed with flavor from the pork and manchego cheese. The dish was topped with grilled scallops and a basil chimichurri. My mom thought this dish was the let-down of the dinner. The risotto was unevenly cooked, with some of the rice being overcooked while others were under-done. She thought the scallops were good, but a little gritty (I’m not a scallop fan). I found the risotto to be quite good and the pork was perfectly braised. A bit salty for my palate, but I enjoyed the flavor.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I thought the restaurant was good and I would return. However, I would recommend saving risotto making for Italian restaurants. The appetizers were amazing and if I returned, I would make my whole meal from that list. My only other negative was the drinks. They say their signature drink is a prickly pear margarita. I was very excited about this, but was disappointed when the bartender poured the drink from a pitcher. I don’t like pre-mixed drinks and didn’t make for good presentation.

Favorites of the night: tuna tartare and the bread!

Score: B+

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