Halloween Cupcakes!

Earlier this week, I made the BEST cupcakes for Halloween…

Aren’t they soo cute?!?!

Sad to say, I did not come up with this idea myself. But I do have some recommendations that the original instructions did not go into. So, here’s your step-by-step how-to on making adorable ghost cupcakes for your Halloween party! And don’t be intimidated! These are actually much easier to make than they look!

First, start out with some cupcakes. I preferred the pumpkin variety to go with the fall theme.

Since presentation is everything, I stayed with Halloween theme for the cupcake papers too! I’m a little obsessed with holidays!

Then you should frost your cupcakes. I prefer a little bit of frosting to keep the moisture in the cupcakes, and it takes better too! No icing gobs are necessary. Just a thin layer on the top:

And sprinkles are ALWAYS a nice addition:

Now time to start the ghosts! Take some tootsie roll pops and stick them right in the center of the cupcakes!

But, they are really tall if you just stick them in, so cut off about 1.5 inches off the bottom of the tootsie roll pops.

Now the FUN part! You will need some fondant, which you can find at Michael’s, Walmart, or any craft store. Then you’ll need to roll a portion of it out (about 1/3 of the package to start off with) until it is pretty thin, about 2/8 of an inch thick. Then take a biscuit cutter, and cut out circles, making only ONE circle at a time! Then roll out the cut circle a little more until it looks like this:

Rolling out the circle again once it’s cut, makes it look a little more like fabric draping over the cupcake ghost.

Just drape the circles over the lollipops and shape them a bit so they look like ghosts. Repeat the process, until all of your little ghosts are made.

To add the details: take a little bit of icing, dab onto a mini chocolate chip, and put on the ghost to make eyes.

And that’s it!! Cute little ghost cupcakes to serve for Halloween! Not a TON of work, for these cute little guys!

Happy Halloween!!

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