Halloween Fun!

It is almost halfway through October and you know what that means?

It’s Almost HALLOWEEN!!!

So in honor of Halloween, I wanted to share some of my favorite Halloween recipes, crafts, and treats!! Naturally, I found most of them through Pinterest!

      1. Halloween Treat Bags as Invitations from Pottery Barn Kids

Look how adorable these bags are! These make the CUTEST invitations for your fun Halloween get together! Or I might just make some of these bags, fill them with cookies or candy and give them to my friends as a Halloween surprise!

      2. Gingerbread Skeleton Men from Our Best Bites

This is the epitome of holiday double duty! Instead of only breaking out that gingerbread man cookie cutter out once a year, break him out twice a year! I would never have thought these would make SUCH cute skeleton men, but they are adorable in a Halloween kind of way! All you have to do is cut, bake, ice, and voila! Cute cookies!

      3. Jack O’ Lantern Oranges from Chocolate Covered Katie

Who needs mini pumpkins when you have oranges!! Oranges make the perfect base for individual sized Jack O’ Lanterns. I could see using these as place cards, or giving people a fun Halloween themed dessert at my next dinner party! Just fill with either fruit (for the healthy bunch) or candy! I’m sure your guests will be super surprised when you serve them their own mini Jack O’ Lanterns. Or I could see making a bunch of these, and setting them around your house with very small votive candles in the middle. They will give a nice citrus scent to your  home!

      4. Skeleton Cupcakes from Cookies and Cups

Another Pinterest find and another idea to make some skeletons cute for October! I fell SO in love with these cupcakes! I’m sure in reality, they would be a little bit time consuming to make, but honestly, they are adorable! How could you saw no to that marshmallow happy face! I’m all about making holidays cute and more exciting and these take the (cup) cake!

What are some of your favorite Halloween treats, crafts, or traditions?

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