House Update #2!

It’s that time again….a house update!

House Front

For those of you who might have missed it, Marshall and I bought a house! The renovations started in late July, and here’s what has been going on in the past 2 months. For a while, the progress was slow in the beginning. There was a lot of foundation work, so it “appeared” from the outside that not much was going on.

However, things have really started to take shape in the past few weeks! Here’s a look at the progress:

Foundation Renovation Like I said… a LOT of foundation work! They had to rip up the kitchen floor to more easily access and fix what needed to be done under the house. And yes, this picture was taken from INSIDE the house (the existing kitchen more specificially)….not outside looking in.

Here’s a house tour beginning from the front door:

Fireplace The fireplace as you walked in.

Front Room The front living room.

As you will soon be able to see, the entire existing house was taken down to studs….aka: no walls, no nothing. We have also added an addition onto the back of the house to give us more living space and added a master suite. Here’s a peak of that progress:

Addition Foundation The addition foundation being added onto the back of the house…a little bit of a hot mess in the beginning…

Addition Floor Framing But a floor is starting to take shape! This is a good look of how the new addition is being added to the back of the house.

[Since I don’t have pictures for literally every little change that happened throughout, the next few pictures will look like a big progress jump. But to us, that is how it happened! We were there one day, and then 2 days later TONS had changed, which was so exciting to see.]

It was like… BAM!

Framed Addition There are now walls!!

New Doorway

A new open doorway to the guest rooms and bathroom as you walk in the front door. (See the fireplace?)

New Doorway - Kitchen

A new, wide open doorway from the front living room to the new kitchen!

And standing in that doorway, you will see the…

Future Kitchen …Future Kitchen!

I’m literally SO excited for this room!  The kitchen will open up into the new living space, which you can see in the left side of the picture. Those pieces of wood dividing the new kitchen and the new living space will be taken down a little at a time.

Here’s a picture of those slowly coming down:

New Kitchen This was taken from the new addition living space looking into the kitchen. The floors are starting to be level from the old house into the new living addition!

This photo was taken from the kitchen, looking into the new, added living space.

New Living That large opening in the back will be the home of our sliding glass door. Having ample natural light was important to us, so that large doorframe will definitely provide the light we are looking for.

An up-close picture:

Large Doorframe Like I said… HUGE! Right now, there’s not much to look at outside, but we have big ideas for the backyard space in the future.

New Master This is a peak of our master bathroom (Left) and walk-in closet (Right), from standing inside the master bedroom. No walls, really makes it easy to show multiple rooms at one time!

Laundry In the new addition, we are also adding a laundry room, which you can enter from this side-door seen above.

But that is what has been going on with our full-home renovation in the past two months. I hope this post all made sense with the flow. I’ve noticed it’s hard to put all the pieces together in your mind from just looking at a few pictures, and I didn’t show the entire house. I mainly just focused on the areas that have really had a drastic change since the beginning.

When everything is said and done, I really want to do a video tour. Videos are always able to capture the “flow” of the space better than pictures can. Hope you enjoyed this in-progress “house tour!”

2 thoughts on “House Update #2!

  1. I’m so excited for you! It takes such a leap of faith to do a renovation. And you made this post on my mom’s birthday. She died 9 years ago. I miss her so. I love all ties to her birthday. So really, thanks for something positive on my mom’s birthday, and I can’t wait to see your end results!!!!

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