Long Time No Talk

I’ve been a little MIA lately on this blog…oopsey!

So, I thought I’d take the time to share what I have been up to lately!

  1. Food Service Rotation

Ever since this fall semester started at school, I have been busy busy busy! But I just finished up yesterday my first rotation! (To re-fresh memories, I just started the second and final year of my Masters in Clinical Nutrition Program at UT Southwestern.) For the past month, I have been at Children’s Hospital learning the in’s and out’s of the food service department. I shadowed basically every manager in the department and learned about what they did. And I was given multiple projects to work on.

Exhibit A: I worked on a Mixer Safety In-Service for the employees

I made the semi-boring safety information about industrial size stand mixers a lot more interesting my making a game out of it. And the employees got REALLY competitive with the game! Fun and learning combined into one!

2. Went to Brewfest!

Last weekend, I went to this amazing-ly fun event in the Dallas Arts District! It’s called Brewfest and it has about 150 beers for everyone to sample! The sample cup was about 2 oz ( but most places gave you a heavy 4 oz pour). But you were given a card with 12 boxes, so you could sample 12 different beers. But really you could sample however many you wanted, since extra cards were selling for $2. Pretty nice deal! Super fun and I would totally go again next year!

With Staci!

With Katherine!

     3. Explored the Fort Worth Zoo

I am an animal lover and visiting zoo’s is one of my favorite activities! So naturally, when I heard about the Fort Worth Zoo being great, Marshall and I needed to take a short road trip to the neighboring city of Fort Worth! And I got to try out new settings on my pretty camera.

But what’s next on my agenda? On Tuesday, Marshall and I are taking a long weekend road trip to Austin and the Texas Hill Country! Since moving here, I have literally not explored any part of this gigantic state except the Dallas area, and driving to Fort Worth twice. So needless to say, I am SO EXCITED to do more exploring around! And I promise this time, I won’t go MIA on everyone.

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