Mini Summer Treat

To me, ice cream sandwiches are the epitome of summer. A nice chewy cookie, with cool creamy ice cream in the middle, surround by sprinkles is exactly what the 100 degree Texas heat called for. And yes, sprinkles are a DEFINITE requirement.

But let’s face it. If you want to make a real ice cream sandwich, it takes some time. If you have bake the cookies, let them cool, fill with ice cream, re-freeze, then roll in sprinkles. Not exactly quick. Unless, of course, you find your neighborhood Ice Cream Food Truck, and then pick one up as an after workout treat!

Don’t have a neighborhood ice cream truck? No problem! I got you covered! I have devised a way to make a cute, mini ice cream sandwich that will have you feeling like it’s summer in less than 5 minutes flat!

It starts with a simple chocolate wafer cookie from the grocery store. I am seriously addicted to these things, and it is a problem. But they are perfect for mini sandwiches!

First up, place one cookie on a plate:

Top with 1 – 2 Tablespoons of your favorite flavor of ice cream or frozen yogurt!

Place another chocolate cookie wafer on top

Roll in sprinkles!


For this sandwich, I used 2 tablespoons of vanilla frozen yogurt and 2 teaspoon of sprinkles, which equals:

100 kcalories per serving! 

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