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Today I start my final rotation of the semester!!! 

 I’m excited, but nervous at the same time! My final rotation is a 4-weel in-patient experience at Parkland Hospital. The first two weeks are dedicated to Critical Care Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT). So, basically that means I’ll be working with the RD at the hospital and learning about the most critical nutrition related parameters to monitor in patients who have had any type of major trauma. I’m not sure of the specific floor my dietitian works on, but I’ll find out soon enough! We’ll see if I can remember everything I learned in classes this summer!

The second two weeks of my rotation will be with a different dietitian, one who is part of the Nutrition Support Team. This team is dedicated to writing tube feeding orders for patients who can either not eat, or do not have a function GI tract at this time. I should learn A LOT with both dietitians and I’m nervous-excited to begin!

But in other news…. I just recently tried a new delicious product from Trader Joes!

Punjab Eggplant! 

I’m a lover of anything Indian spiced and made of eggplant. At Indian restaurants I ALWAYS must get an eggplant dish and some garlic naan. Delicious! Now, this product is GREAT! I’m always a little skeptical of just heat and eat dishes, but Trader Joe’s has never failed to let me down.

All I had to do, was heat up the eggplant, and voila! Dinner is served in record time!

Although this was a ready prepared meal, it still didn’t have any crazy ingredients in it! Yeah it had a little more sodium than I preferred, but for eating half of the container, it wasn’t too bad!

To make it a little more filling and a complete meal, I bulked up my eggplant dish with some chickpeas and warmed up some whole wheat garlic naan bread to have on the side. It was a quite tasty meal and the chickpeas added a little extra protein to keep me full.

The perfect bite!!

Hope everyone has a great day today! If you need a pick-me-up, listen to this song! I’m obsessed!

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