Perfect Brunch

Yesterday, I had the BEST BRUNCH EVER!!

Marshall and I went to Al Biernat’s, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas. For dinner, Al Biernat’s has some of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten. And yes, it is a little pricy for dinner, but the quality of the food and service is totally worth it for a special occasion. But the next best thing at Al Biernat’s for less of a money committment?

Sunday Brunch at Al Biernat’s

This brunch was totally worth the money. All of the food was fantastic, which began with a lovely (and HUGE) basket of breakfast pastries.

This basket was ginormous! It came with mini croissants, banana bread, blueberry bread AND cinnamon bun bread. Seriously, this basket alone would serve 4 people, easily, for breakfast. As presumed, we took most of this home, and it was delicious for pre-dinner and pre-breakfast this morning….and we still have leftovers. Not kidding, if you go here for brunch, you NEED to get a to-go box for this bread basket. If you don’t want it, call me and I will happily take it off your hands!

Anyway, moving on to what we actually ordered for brunch. I ordered the Brioche French Toast with Caramelized Bananas, Berries, and Chambord Cream. I saw a picture of this exact meal in D Magazine under the best brunch in Dallas, and I knew that’s what I needed to order.

It tastes even more delicious than it looks.  The bananas had a perfectly crisp, sweet exterior that paired very nicely with the french toast. And this french toast was the BEST I have ever eaten! Crunchy outside, with a smooth and creamy interior.  It really didn’t even need syrup. Perfection on its own!

Next up: Marshall’s Meal:

Marshall ordred the Eggs Benedict with Skillet Potatoes and Fruit. Personally, I have found that most restaurants cannot execute a perfect eggs benedict because so many times, restaurants overcook their eggs. Al Biernat’s? Nope… they have perfected the classic eggs benedict. The eggs were perfectly cooked, with the yolks runny and creamy. And the hollandaise sauce was one of the best (but that is to be expected from this amazing steak restaurant)!

But we couldn’t leave without getting a side dish of the Garlic Cheese Grits!

You could really tell they made these grits from scratch. They had so much texture and the perfect balance of garlic and cheese. I could eat these everyday, they were just that good!

But really, I wish I could go here every Sunday for brunch, but I don’t think my wallet OR my waistline would appreciate that. I left full and happy! Great way to begin a new week…full and happy!

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