Protein Packed Ice Cream

Dessert is by far my favorite “meal” of the day! I love it enough that I consider it to be an important part of the everyday dining experience. However, dessert is not always the “healthiest” or “best” thing for someone to eat on a daily basis.

But that thought might change after what I’m about to tell you. I have discovered a fun new food product in the grocery store a few weeks ago. It is a fun ice cream alternative called:

Arctic Zero

”] When I first saw this product, I was a bit skeptical. The “claim to fame” they have with their product is that the ENTIRE PINT of “ice cream” contains 150 kcalories. For the whole. entire. pint. For any ice cream lover (such as myself) that is a big deal! Frozen yogurt can not even compare to that calorie level!

And I wondered how they did it! The packaging states that the product is: “Fat Free”  “Lactose Intolerant Friendly” and “Gluten-Free.” They even go so far on their website to state that their product is “All Natural.” So how did they do it?!?! Let’s take a look at their ingredient label…

”]As you can see, each pint has a very short ingredient list (which I liked) and I first ingredient is purified water, which no doubt contributes to the low calorie level. So, basically, instead of using milk and cream, they use whey protein concentrate to make this “ice cream treat.” So, its not really too bad. There’s no fat, and you get a little bit more protein per serving than you would with any other ice cream.

But now the important part. How’s the taste? In the small amount of “research” I have done about this product, I have tasted two flavors. The Mint Chocolate Cookie and Vanilla Maple.

Right out of the container, the product is a little icy, but if you leave the pint to sit out on the counter for about 5 – 10 minutes, the texture will become much more “ice cream like” and easier to scoop. I tried the chocolate flavor first and it was good. It had a little bit of an after taste the first time I tried it, and I didn’t like it so much. But I gave it another go, but this time I ate it straight from the container, and the taste was better. I think the colder the product is, the less of that after taste you are going to get, but the icier the product will be. Next flavor I tried was the Vanilla Maple.

I think this flavor was a bit better than the chocolate and it had less of an after-taste. But the maple flavor tasted a bit artificial and strong in the ice cream. But the really bit thing that got me about this product were the “natural flavors” that are listed in the ingredient list. The only difference in ingredients between the mint chocolate cookie and the vanilla maple was the fact that the chocolate flavor had cocoa powder added. That was it! That was the only difference between the two, even though they tasted vastly different. My thought is something in those “natural flavors” gives the ice cream the distinctly different taste. But then you ask, well, what is REALLY in those “natural flavors?” That is the part about this product that seems a bit sketchy to me.

But overall, the product was not terrible! It did satisfy my desire for ice cream, but I definitely could NEVER eat the whole pint in one sitting. I think I would have a stomach ache before that. I don’t know if this product would be a regular addition to my grocery list, but I would be interested in trying a different flavor (maybe the pumpkin?).

For more product information, visit their website!

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