Pumpkin Carving Weekend


It was a jam packed weekend for me! Marshall and I made a quick weekend trip to Greenville, SC for Furman’s Homecoming weekend, followed up by a fun pumpkin carving session.

Furman Homecomig 2014

Allison, Laura, Marshall, Sara, Me

It was great to catch up with my sorority sisters at homecoming! We spent Friday night catching up with people in downtown Greenville and bar hopping from place to place. Greenville was a great place for both college and homecoming get-togethers, because the downtown area is so quaint. With all of the bars and restaurants within walking distance of one another, you are bound to see everyone you know downtown.

Marshall and I headed back to Charlotte Saturday afternoon, checked on the progress of our house, then went to dinner with some friends. [Sorry, no pictures of dinner!]


Sunday was a beautiful day in Davidson! Marshall and I definitely took advantage of the weather by carving our pumpkin that afternoon. The previous weekend, we headed to a pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect one:

Pumpkin Patch It was an exceptionally bright Sunday… squinty eyes.

With our pumpkin in tow, we were ready to carve it into the perfect jack o’lantern for Halloween! The majority of Sunday was actually spent deciding on what to carve. Marshall and I checked out the grocery stores for some pumpkin carving templates, but we weren’t impressed…

On to Pinterest for inspiration! And we found the BEST article on unique pumpkin carvings.

I am already keeping a few of those ideas in mind for next year’s pumpkin!

But I am obsessed with the one we picked! It was such a simple concept, but it made a big impact! If you want to re-create this pumpkin yourself, here are a few tips that I suggest keeping in mind before carving:

1. Use chalk to map out your design.

Initially I thought chalk would well to map out the design, but I didn’t realize just how well it works! Instead of mapping out the design with a hard to remove pen, the chalk makes a temporary mark that can be easily changed if you don’t like it. It took me about 7 tries to get the big pumpkin’s eyes menacing looking, and the chalk was clutch.

2. Scoop out the pumpkin guts from the bottom.

Instead of opening up the pumpkin from the stem, flip it upside down and cut into the bottom first. I think it makes for a more polished pumpkin look, and you can cut a larger hole in the bottom. And you definitely need a pretty big hole to get the baby pumpkin inside.

3. You don’t actually have to cut open the baby pumpkin.

Marshall and I spent at least 10 minutes debating this. But in fact, all you have to do is shave off the rind of the little pumpkin and carve all the way through for the pupils. But no need to do major “surgery” for the little guy.

Without further ado, here is our finished pumpkin:

Cannibal Pumpkin 2014 I love our pumpkin! He is so cute and adorable I just can’t handle it!

Question of the Day

What are some of your favorite jack o’lantern carvings?


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