Quick Dinner

So this entire week and next week is full of this….

Yeah, LOTS of studying…. 2 tests and a paper. It doesn’t sound like a lot, BUT there is soooo much material for both of these tests! It’s time for my head to get buried in the books.

But, this is probably a good time to explain what I do for dinner during these busy study weeks! Because even though I love cooking and making delicious dinner meals, I just don’t have time to spend hours on them!

My dinners are very simple, and I try to make a lot in the beginning of the week, so I have some leftover.  That way, I just have to quickly reheat my meal for the rest of the week! But, that also leads to my meals being VERY boring… and by boring I mean, not much variety. So, my meal for this week?

Teriyaki Marinaded Chicken

This chicken is SUPER simple. I get a boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut it into strips/ small pieces, and just stick it in a bowl to marinade. I don’t even take the time to make my own marinade. Use whatever is your favorite! This time, I used a “Hawaiian Teriyaki” marinade Marshall told me about. Delicious! I just sauté off the chicken pieces in a non-stick skillet for about 15 minutes. And this marinade work very well for the sauté method, because it has fruit juice in it, and it caramelizes up nicely.

Green Beans with Almonds

At the same time I am cooking the chicken, I put another pan of the heat to cook some green beans. I used haricots verts green beans, because they are already washed and there’s no need to chop off the ends! I did a quick sauté of the green beans in 1 – 2 teaspoons of seasame oil. Cooked the beans for about 7 minutes, and right at the end added in a teaspoon of finely chopped garlic and a small handful of slivered almonds. I cook until the almonds are toasted and brown.

French Fries

Ok, so I didn’t do anything special with these. Just baked them from frozen in the oven… sometimes you just need some french fries with your meal! I don’t eat them all the time, but they are good as a nice dinner treat! And I decided it’s better since their baked…not fried.

But that’s it! Nothing complex, nothing out of the ordinary! But still, a well rounded healthy dinner!

Now.. back to the books!

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