Study Snacks

And….back to school in Dallas it is!

  1. I got back late Sunday night.
  2. Monday morning started school.
  3. This week has been filled with writing my research paper.
  4. I went to the grocery store for the first time yesterday evening.
  5. Today, I’m in the library continuing to work on my paper.


As you can see from my weekly schedule synopsis, I haven’t really been able to cook a lot this week. The closest I get to making something has been my daily morning breakfast of Cookie Butter Oatmeal (seriously, this stuff is super filling and delicious). And I can’t forget to mention the downpour/ monsoon we has in Dallas all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Had it not been raining, I probably would have made a trip to the grocery store so I actually had some sustenance.

But, because of my intense hatred for rain, the flash flood warnings, and the fact my car can easily hydroplane in the rain = no groceries, no food, and no fun recipes to share!

So fun recipes, but I DO have a fun snack! This is typically my go-to study snack combo, because it can be easily transported anywhere and keeps well without a refrigerator.

The first of my favorite study snacks are the Kashi bars! My favorite flavor is the Honey Almond Flax. These are super chewy and crunchy and only have 140 calories. AND they have 7 grams of protein in these little bars. I love having some protein in my snacks, so that I feel fuller for longer. Give me a purely carb and sugar loaded granola bar and I’m still hungry a few hours later.  But not these! Keeps me up for a good 1 – 2 hours! But don’t try the Dark Mocha Almond flavor. I purchased them with such high hopes! But they really just taste like chocolate-y cardboard. NOT delicious. Honey Almond Flax for the win!


Ok…. my next favorite study snack isn’t that original. It’s an apple! But really, apples are the perfect study snack! Easy to take with you, don’t need refrigeration. And apples these days are SUPER HUGE! Usually, I cut and core my apple into 8 slices and only take 4 with me in a little bag. Let’s not forget about portion control!! Four slices is usually plenty and they taste even better when sprinkled with a little bit of cinnamon.


So yeah, they’re not super new or exciting, but my go-to study snacks are much healthier than a bag of chips or a candy bar.

And don’t worry, I have a dinner recipe all ready to share in my head. I purchased the ingredients, so now all that’s left to do is to make this chicken dish! If it comes out as good as I’m thinking it will, you all are in for a treat!

Happy Friday!

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