Sunday Afternoon

Sometimes, a lazy Sunday afternoon is necessary. Sleeping in late, breakfast in your pajamas, and watching TV under your heated blanket.

(If you have not discovered the wonders of a heated blanket yet, go order one right now!)

Anyway, as I am enjoying this afternoon, I noticed I never put up my Austin food truck pictures!! Since Austin is one of the multiple cities FULL of food trucks (literally they are on EVERY block it seemed), naturally Marshall and I had to take a taste test of them all!

Well not all… but we went to a lot considering our short one day trip there.

Austin City Skyline

Fun thing about the majority of Austin Food Trucks –> Let do NOT move!!! Most of them always stay in the same place, which is nice so you know where to go to find a particular food truck. So, I enjoyed not having to track your favorite foods down.

First Stop: Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy’s Tacos is a well known taco restaurant in Austin and they have both a food truck and sit-down restaurant locations. Marshall and I decided to share a couple tacos.

First Taco: Mr. Pink

This taco was grilled rare ahi tuna topped with cabbage, cilantro, and queso fresco and came with a side of chipotle sauce

Second Taco: Green Chile Pork

The pork was slow roasted with green chiles and topped with cilantro, queso fresco and came with a side of tomatillo sauce!

Both were delicious, but I think my favorite was the Mr. Pink. I never would have thought delicious tuna like that could have come from a food truck!

Second Stop: Izzoz Tacos!

Marshall and I were on a taco kick that day apparently! But we shared a couple more tacos here and we had THE BEST fries!

Garlic Fries from a food truck…. perfectly delicious! You could tell these fries were freshly cut, and cooked properly (fried twice – once to cook and once to brown). But they were NOT greasy in the least. Crisp and I think I ate more of these than I did any of the tacos.

But that might be due to the taco I got. I tried the Esocbar taco.

This was a recommendation from the employees there and it was slow roasted beef topped with pico de gallo. It was good, but it wasn’t my favorite. It had a strong smoky flavor, and that’s not my favorite. The fries kicked this taco’s butt to the curb!

And Marshall really wanted to try the Fried Avocado Taco

At the time, I didn’t try it (too busy devouring the fries), but Marshall enjoyed it. But after looking at these pictures again, I wish I had taken a small bite. Tasty tasty!

And since I am a Food Network junkie, we had to visit Gourdough’s Doughnuts before heading back to Dallas.

This place has been featured on multiple food network shows, and they just have such a unique menu! And every doughnut is made to order, so you are sure to get a huge pipping hot piece of fried dough!

My Doughnut: Mama’s Cake

This literally tasted exactly like yellow cake topped with chocolate frosting. It had yellow cake batter filling (yes filling in a round doughnut) and topped with chocolate fudge icing.

Marshall’s Doughnut: Son of a Peach

This one was topped with peach filling, cinnamon sugar, and cake mix topping.

Both doughnuts were amazing, but Marshall and I both agreed we enjoyed our own doughnut’s more than each others. But seriously, the menu at Gourdough’s was so extensive, anyone would be able to find something you like. And if not, you can make your own! So seriously, the options are endless!

Well, I’m off to get ready for bootcamp in the winter-like weather (I don’t do well with the cold). Stay warm friends!

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