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Hello from the Eastern Standard Time Zone! And I am more than excited to be on winter break!!! While there’s still some school work to be done [paper writing 🙁 ], I’m giving myself a few days of rest! I started my rest break here in North Carolina.

When I arrived, it we still had some time to kill before our 7:30 sushi dinner reservation. So we stopped by one of my favorite places, Southpark Mall, to look around for a bit. Went into a few of my favorite stores including Lululemon. I would totally live in workout clothes if I could get away with it! After looking around a picking out my Christmas present….

 (Pink Wunder Under cropped pants AND they are reversible! Can’t go wrong!) … it was time to head out to dinner! Our dinner reservation was at Yama Asian Fusion. This is my ABSOLUTE favorite sushi restaurant outside of California. The fish is always fresh and very high quality. Since we were starving (slash I was starving) we started the meal with some green edamame!

We had already devoured half of the bowl before I took a picture… oops! Delicious none-the-less. But then it was seriously dinner time!!

We really always get the same thing. So it was super convenient that we didn’t have to peruse the menu very long before ordering. We ordered (from front to back) tuna sashimi, the Sunset roll, H&M roll (my fav), and the Downtown roll.

Sunset = Salmon and Avocado with tuna on top

H&M = Tuna and avocado topped with tuna, tempura flakes, masago, and spicy sauce

Downtown= Spicy tuna topped with eel, avocado, masago, and scallion

Clearly we like our tuna… and avocado. If I owned a sushi restaurant, I would put tempura flakes over every roll. That added crunch really adds to the flavor and texture. But the star of the show was the tuna sashimi.

Does that not look like the best fish you’ve ever seen?!?! So good! And somehow at this restaurant, you can either get two pieces of nigiri or three pieces of sashimi for the same price. I don’t really understand the logic, but I’d go for three pieces of rice-less fish ANY day!

But ready for my nutrition tip at sushi restaurants?!?! Don’t use the soy sauce! I know, you really need some sauce to go with your sushi, I understand that. But instead of soy sauce (even if its the low sodium variety) ask for a side of ponzu sauce!

Ponzu sauce if the delicious concoction typically served with tempura shrimp and vegetables. This sauce is a mixture of liquids that includes a little bit of soy sauce, but it also has other flavors like hints of ginger! I mix mine with an ample amount of wasabi and dip my sushi in that! More flavor and less sodium is always better in my book!

But now, I’m about to go on an adventure to find some Fried Pies. Not quite sure what they are, but I will happily report back!

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