The Essentials

The kitchen is my absolute favorite place in my entire apartment. So naturally, it also has some of my favorite gadgets to go in it! In my opinion, these are items that I could never live without and my the cooking process smooth, easy, and painless!

1. First up! A microplane zester. This little tool is such a multi-tasker! It is perfect for freshly grating parmesan cheese, zesting citrus fruits, or adding that perfect pinch of fresh nutmeg to any dessert! Get one in a fun color to show your personality!

2. My next “must have” gadget is a kitchen scale. This will be the best $25 you ever spent! It is perfect for portion control so you don’t over do it on snacks or desserts. I have this one in black!

3. Mini Food Processor. You will never run our of uses for fun appliance! It is small enough it fit in a cabinet, but it is large enough to make banana fro yo, marinades, or just chopping up vegetables!

4. 8 inch chef’s knife. If you can’t splurge on a full knife set, spend your money on just one knife. Investing in a well made, high end, chef’s knife with cut your prep time in half, and the 8 inch model can slice through just about anything with ease! Just be careful, it is sharp!

5. My final kitchen “must have” is probably the most basic. A wooden spoon! You can really do anything from sautéing vegetables, stirring sauces, or mixing brownie batter! The wood will not scratch the bottom of your pans, and a wooden spoon will last for YEARS!

Any that’s my list! What is your favorite “must have” kitchen gadget?

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