Weekend Raceday

 I was so excited for this past weekend because I was not traveling anywhere! While I love to travel and explore, it becomes a little tiring and exhausting leaving town week after week (I can’t even imagine how people who constantly travel for work do it). But even though Marshall and I stayed put this weekend, it was still jam-packed with fun!

Bright and early on Saturday morning, Marshall and I got up to run in the Thunder Road 5K!

While the main Thunder Road races are the Marathon and the Half-Marathon, they allowed the runners who are better trained over short distances to run a 5K race.

I was excited to run, because it has been a very long while since I’ve run in any organized 5K, but I was also a little nervous.  I’ve had a long and constant struggle with my IT-band, which has typically limited me to run only about 2 miles before the pain in my knee sets in. Luckily the adrenaline and excitement of the race was so overwhelming, I didn’t notice much pain in my knee at all!

Marshall and I ran in this race, primarily because the company Marshall works for encouraged participation in the run. Here’s the Elliott-Davis team in full effect:

IMG_2128 Complete with matching Elliot-Davis T-shirts!

But I absolutely LOVED this race, and I have now vowed to do it every year! Since the focus is on the marathon, the packet pick-up expo and post-race goodies are excellent! I almost felt like I was cheating the system by getting all the goodies and only running in the 5K.

And the expo was extra special for me, since I ended up spinning a wheel at one of the vendors and winning a one-year gym membership!!! Seriously, I was SO excited! I never win anything in my life, and I now have a free gym membership to Pure Body Fitness Studio, which is a brand new gym to Charlotte opening up in mid-December. And it conveniently just happens to be about 2 miles from where I live!

But back to the race:

Besides filling up on granola bars, chocolate milk, yogurt, cookies, and beer, I obviously had to get pictures with some of the race sponsor mascots!

Chick-fil-a Cow The chick-fil-a cow!

Lug Nut Lug Nut! The Charlotte Motor Speedway Mascot!

It was so much fun! I want to sign up for a lot more races now, because I forgot just how exciting they can be! And bonus: you just end up accomplishing so much on a Saturday since the race starts bright and early!

But to my BIGGEST surprise of the day, I actually ended up winning….

IMG_2164 2nd place in my age group! With a time of 25:23, I was very proud of myself!

Maybe next year I’ll progress to the Half-Marathon status, but we’ll see. The race overall was super well-organized and I will most definitely be making a repeat appearance.

Question of the Day

  • What has been your favorite race/running event to participate in?

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