West Coast Vacation

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Do you know where I am?

Have you figured out where I am in the world? If you are unfamiliar with city skylines, this is Los Angeles’ skyline!! Marshall and I are taking a full-week’s vacation! We both flew into LA, rented a car, and drove to our resort in Rancho Mirage. Where is Rancho Mirage (because before I came here, I had never heard of the place)? Rancho Mirage is located right in between Palm Springs and Palm Desert.

Fun Fact of the day: LA = 68 degrees F = cold; Rancho Mirage = 102 degrees F = beautiful!

I was SHOCKED when I got off the plane in LA. I was expecting it to be a little warmer, but no. It was cold! I was so glad we weren’t going to be in LA the whole week. But, before heading out on our little California road trip, we stopped for an AMAZING lunch in Santa Monica.

Beautiful Inside

Marshall and I were seriously craving some sushi. We did a little research, and found Sugarfish. This was the BEST and the FRESHEST raw fish I have ever eaten. The menu is a lot different than most restaurants. You basically only have three choices, and you can order a la carte if you wish.

But you will NOT miss getting to pick your own meal. I never would have ordered the fish they gave me. Here’s a little food, photo tour of our lunch!


We began our meal with edamame

Tuna Sashimi with Ponzu Sauce

The ponzu sauce on this fish was AMAZING! I asked what exactly it was, but apparently the sauce is the sushi chef’s secret concoction and no one but him knows what it is in. You could drink it straight.. that is just how good this stuff is.

Albacore, Salmon, Shrimp

Next was some nigiri. I had some albacore, salmon, and shrimp nigiri. Albacore was the best by far. The shrimp wasn’t my favorite, but I’m not a big shrimp person anyway.

Marshall chose the bigger meal selection, so he got a few more nigiri items than I did.

Albacore Nigiri

Salmon Nigiri

Yellowtail and Halibut Nigiri

Marshall said that the Yellowtail and Halibut were good, but a tasted a little more like “fish” than tuna or salmon does. Still very delicious and fresh, but cut out for more of an avid sushi eater. (Although I still consider myself an avid sushi fan, there’s only so much I can handle when it actually tastes like raw fish.)

Toro Hand Roll

Next, we both got a Toro Hand Roll. Toro is a type of fatty tuna, that is just amazing and not heavy as you might expect. Marshall and I both agreed, this was the least favorite part of the meal. Not because toro is not delicious, (Believe me, toro is amazing!) but because it was more difficult to taste the toro wrapped in nori. Toro has a unique flavor and texture that is very different from regular tuna. It was just that the nori made it hard to experience that flavor fully.

Blue Crab Handroll

Marshall also got another hand roll filled with Blue Crab with his meal. A very delicious roll for the avid crab lover.

But we both agreed, the BEST thing we had all day were the albacore nigiri. They were SO good in fact, we each got two more! It was also dressed with a little more of that addictive ponzu sauce. 

But really, if you are ever within a two hour radius of this restaurant, you should go. You will not be disappointed!

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  1. Your trip looks spectacular! Thanks for sharing your story. It truly looks wonderful. I imagine you had some great dining judging by the foodie pics. Very cool.

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  5. Glad to hear you and Maha are enjoying your vacation! This restaurant looks absolutely spectacular, I’m very jealous of you. Keep up the good work!

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