What I’m Loving in the New Year


I can’t believe it is already January! This last month has flown by and I’m onto the year I graduate from my Master’s program. It is hard to believe that I’ve already spent 16 months in Texas and I’m only 8 short months away from receiving my Master’s in Clinical Nutrition. I’ve been a student my entire life, so I’m nervous/excited for what is next to come. I’ll be a real person soon!!

But in the spirit of a New Year, here are a few of my favorite “new” things.

  bb cream


My friend from high school told me about this stuff and I am now a believer! Apparently multiple make-up companies make a version of this cream, and I tried out the one from Maybelline. This cream has now become a permanent part of my make-up routine. This little bottle is supposed to do so much for your face including: blur imperfections, brighten, even out your skin tone, smooth, hydrate, enhance, and protect your face with 30 SPF. My cheeks can get really red naturally, and I saw a dramatic difference in my skin tone after just applying a super small amount evenly over my face. I really didn’t even have to use as much of my normal bare minerals make-up! I absolutely love it! Fresh and natural! What I love about the new year!


New Hair

I’ve been keeping this a secret for about a week! I changed my hair color!! I had a hair appointment last Friday and I told my hair dresser I had a whim to change my hair color and go dark, rather than keeping my normal bright blonde. She was surprised, but helped push me toward a color change and I’m so glad she did!! I LOVE my new hair! But she made it so that next time I need a hair cut, I can easily go back to blonde if I want, or go darker! It’s the best of both worlds!

hair 2

It’s Darker! 


Love Your Body Challenge by Tone it Up!

I’ve talked about Tone it Up a little bit on the blog, but I am SO excited for their new challenge series! It’s the LVE your Body Challenge and it is geared to help you transform your body and feel better about yourself in your own skin for the next 6 weeks, until Valentine’s Day! Then plan to give you fitness challenges each day and you check in with Tone it Up via a social media site! The checking in helps to hold you accountable and you can win fun prizes!! It’s a win-win! I plan to work their challenges into my normal Bootcamp routine once I get back to Texas. Tone it Up has developed such a positive community of women striving to better their health that you can’t help but want to participate! And I’m all about prizes…and winning workout gear from Victoria’s Secret Sport (VSX).


But do I have a New Year’s Resolution?? Not really…. which is fine by me! I just want to focus on my future and the options I will have after I finish school and focusing on “me” for a while. I want to be happy with every decision I make in all aspects of my life this year. That’s my main goal!

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