What I’m Loving Now

It’s a brand new week and it’s feeling like the holidays already!! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week, which means I get to venture home to Kentucky on the weekend! Every year, it seems like they jump on the Christmas bandwagon earlier and earlier. Usually, I’m against this because well, they’re talking about Christmas and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!! I like to celebrate my holidays one at a time thank you! But I’m not complaining this time around. I love everything about the holidays (except the colds and runny noses that accompany it). So in honor of the holiday season, I’m going to share a few products that I’m loving right now. I always love these type of posts when other bloggers put them up, so I wanted my turn in the fun!

 Emi-Jay Hair Ties

I first heard about these hair band from some bootcamp friends, saying they are the best hair ties for your hair. They keep your hair in place, but without any of the pulling or snagging that can happen with regular hair bands. Truthfully, these were hard to find! They have a good retail map on their website telling you where you can find the hair bands without having to order them, but somehow I never got around to searching. Then I stumbled upon them at my hair salon and knew I had to try one out…. and I was a convert! There are so many fun colors and they NEVER pull at my fine, blonde hair! I only purchased one the first time, but a few days later I went back for more. Love them!

Yogi Tea Cold Season Sampler

Like I said before, with the winter season comes winter flus! This whole weekend I felt like I was on the verge of a cold. AFter a trip to Whole Foods and seeking out orange juice and every immune booster possible, I stumbled upon this gem. I’m normally not a tea person but I vowed to myself I was NOT allowed to get sick, so I sucked it up and drank my first cup. But surprisingly, it was absolutely delicious! I’ve never had this brand of tea before, but I highly recommend it to tea and non-tea drinkers alike! And my immune system is feeling stronger already!

Silicone Baking Mats

I’m obsessed with these things. Never bake without it! I use by silicone mat all the time whenever I’m making cookies or even just re-heating pizza. I’m highly tempted to get another one since it’s almost time for holiday cookie season to commence. Nothing sticks and clean up is super easy! One of my all-time favorite cooking tools!

Rice Crispie Treats

I forgot how delicious these simple stove-top goodies were. But never the pre-packaged treats! I’m talking about homemade, sticky-marshmallow-getting-all-over-your-hands treats! They seriously take only 5 minutes to make and bam! You have yourself a quick and easy dessert treat. But you always need to add extra marshmallows that what the “recipe” actually calls for. And I have an extra special holiday rice crispie treat recipe for you all tomorrow! Get excited!!

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