Will run for food

I am so excited right now! My first new post on my own, actual website! And as you can see, a lot of changes are going on right now. For starters, my blog’s name has changed! I fully intend to keep blogging about the same things (food, recipes, restaurants, ect.). The only thing that is different is the name!

Also, I just wanted to say that I blog for my readers! So if you ever have any feedback for me, let me know! I want to know what you think of anything and everything on this website! I want to know if you like or dislike something, or if one of my recipes doesn’t work out quite right for you. Leave me a comment or send me a message! Forms of contact include facebook, twitter, or email.

And please keep in mind that since this site is so new, there are still updates to be made! Not everything will be working perfectly but I am constantly working on fixing them!

But back to the main point of this post, this past Thursday I ran in the Katy Trail 5k!

This was one of the best 5K’s I’ve ever been in! It was also the first night race I’ve ever participated in and I loved it! So MUCH better than getting up early for morning race anyway. The race started and ended at Reverchon Park. But the BEST part was the after party.

Here’s the story. You run 3.2 miles, grab some water, and enter the park with TONS of tents full of food samples, vendors, and beer. Registering for the race was a bit pricey ($40), but the party made it WAY worth it! There were at least 30 restaurants represented there. Some of ones I sampled were:

And SO MUCH MORE! These were just the places I could remember, but seriously. There were tons of free samples and food. It was a field day! However, 5000 peoples signed up for this race, so once everyone finished the race… the lines were long, and the food was GONE!
The trick to getting lots of food with very little lines? RUN FASTER! When we first got to the party, it was free food central since most people were still running. And speaking of running faster, I had a great 5K Race time! I also think this blog is perfect for me record all of my races, since I can never remember my best race time. So I am starting over. I’m pretending this is my first race, best race time . Drum roll…. I ran my 5K in 25:45 minutes! I was very happy with my time, so no complaints here! And I got to run with some great bootcamp friends!

Thai, Wade, Staci, Me, Farrell

Such a fun group! Didn’t end up seeing Thai and Wade until the after party though (they were super speedy!). But I had a great race with Staci and her sister, Farrell!

After all the festivities and all the food was gone, it was time to go home. But not without a great view of the Dallas skyline!

Dallas Sky Line

But you might be seeing a new skyline in the near future! Get excited! I know I am!


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  1. I Will have to return again when my course load lets up – nevertheless I am taking your Rss feed so i could read your web blog offline. Cheers.

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