Winter Break Time!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA these past few days. Let me recap what has been going on!

So, Tuesday and Wednesday were my crunch days for studying! In my nutrition program, as each semester goes by, we have less and less class and more internship experience time. That being said, I only had one final exam this semester! I still had to study hard, but I was MUCH less stressed than usual.

This was my studying in all of its glory…. I have to write things out a million times so I remember. Crazy, but works for me! And then a few of us from class all got together for a fun post-finals Happy Hour at the Katy Trail Ice House!

Happy to be done and ready for a month off! Woo hoo! And after copious amounts of liquid and hours at the bar (Happy Hour started at 3 pm), it was time for dinner. My bootcamp friends, Staci (in green) and Jordan (unpictured), and I decided on some Max’s Wine Dive for dinner! I had never been there and they advertised fried chicken and champagne. Can’t go wrong with that right?!?! Well, the food was in fact delicious!

Our meal began with macaroni and cheese to share! Mozzarella, White Cheddar, and Gruyere Cheese with a hint of truffle oil. Really good when you just need comfort food….or when you’ve been at Happy Hour since 3 pm.

We also all got the fried chicken. Usually I’m not an on-the-bone fried chicken kind of girl, but this was an exception! Crisp and crunchy without being greasy, and they got rid of the vast majority of the bones pre-frying! I appreciated it. It originally came with mashed potatoes and collard greens, but I opted for the fries and the salad. Much better choice!

The chicken also came with a side of chipotle honey to drizzle. That really hit the spot! While I did in fact like the food, I just don’t know if I would return any time soon. It was a tad pricy for what it was and the service was atrocious. There are so many other delicious restaurants to try in Dallas, I’d go for a new one over this one in a heartbeat. Food was delicious, but service left something to be desired.

And what’s next on my agenda?!? I’m going to visit Marshall in North Carolina!! Last time I saw him was in September, so I’m excited to be able to spend a week with him! And after that I’m going home to Kentucky for Christmas. So, I’ve been on a major packing and cleaning spree in my apartment. I had to pack all I need for a month into a LESS THAN 50 lbs. suitcase….I hope I accomplished the goal! I guess we’ll see!

Well, off to the airport!

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