Yoga Saturdays

I think I found my new Saturday morning activity… YOGA!!!

And not just any yoga, yoga in the park!!

A new park just opened up in downtown Dallas, so I took some time this morning to go check it out! The new park is called Klyde Warren Park, which is interestingly situated on top of a highway tunnel.

 It’s a small park, but there are tons of activities to do all the time! Example: Bootcamp class

Right before my yoga class, was a bootcamp class. And from what I heard today, the bootcamp instructor didn’t show up, but that didn’t stop the participants form getting a good workout in. Someone took charge and lead the bootcamp instead!

But as ugly as this area was for a while during the park construction, it is really pretty now! It’s nice to have some green space around all the big high rises. It’s a nice area to walk your dog, have a picnic, or get some nice yoga in. Here’s the large open field we all set up the mats on:

The weather was perfect and I absolutely loved practicing yoga outside with the sun and the breeze. I was never a fan of those suffocatingly hot rooms for bikram yoga, so yoga with a cool breeze was right up my alley. But the best part?!?!

All of the activities are FREE of charge! So I can get a weekly yoga class in, outside, without spending a dime! Perfect for a grad student! But there’s always a food truck nearby if you get hungry!

Relish, was the food truck there today, which is actually a brand new food truck for the area! As the name indicates, it’s a hamburger food truck and I was THISCLOSE to getting some parmesan truffle fries.

Maybe next week! Happy Saturday!

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