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I back with a little recap from the rest of my trip! There was some traveling involved during our Florida trip and internet access was hard to come by (and slow when it was available). But I have another exciting post to share with you all.

On Day 3 of my Fort Lauderdale vacation, I participated in a rather unusual activity. It’s called ZainoJet and looks like this:


Yes…. It’s basically a jet pack in the water. And it has the ability to go 30 feet up in the air, which the instructor is demonstrating so well.

This thing was So.Hard. to maneuver! Luckily I didn’t have to control the water pressure (the instructor did that) but I did have to try to balance myself and control the way the jet pack moves. I had a lot of problems at first.

1. This thing was gigantic


2. It was very difficult to maneuver and get used to, which resulted in lots of crashes and splashes


At one point in the first five minutes of trying this thing out, I had an epic crash into the water. Following behind you on the jet pack, you have this red “boat” (see picture below) that builds up the water pressure in the jet pack to power it.


Well, the last time I crashed, I stopped the motor and the little red boat crashed into me, leaving me with a big gash in my arm and a bump on my head. I was fine and it wasn’t bad, but my arm is not pretty. I’ll spare you the details and pictures. Read: a big bruise and I just hope it doesn’t leave my arm scarred.

But after that little incident, I got the hang of it a lot better. It also helped a lot having the instructor telling you exactly what to do every second you are on the jet. The microphone in the helmet was a lifesaver!

Super fun! After this morning activity, we headed to the West Coast of Florida to spend a few days in Sanibel Island with our neighbors.


Leanne and Tom, our hosts in Sanibel

We had a delicious dinner of grilled grouper (fresh and just off the boat that day) with steamed asparagus and potatoes. I was too hungry and forgot a picture. But I did snap a picture of our delicious dessert! Homemade ice cream from a Sanibel favorite, Pinocchio’s.


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